It is our goal to treat every client with courtesy and professionalism. We understand that by serving

local businesses and organizations, that we are serving our community,

that we are all a part of. A first time client, will be a client for life.

R&R Marine

R&R Marine is a full service Fabrication and Drydock facility with a total of over 3,000 feet of waterfront dockage space

on the Sabine-Neches Intercoastal Waterway, 23.3 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico.

We have constructed the 3,000sq. ft.Seabulk Facility and completed repairs to the various facilities

at the North and Central Yards damaged by Hurricanes Rita & Humberto.

"L&L is an extremely competent company and has always done exceptional work for us.

They are versatile, performing various trades, including basic excavation, concrete,

new construction (steel and brick veneer buildings) remodeling, finish carpentry and

general contract labor. All of this work, including other special projects, is always completed in a

timely and cooperative manner."

- William P. Wilson, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.

Market Basket

Market Basket is major supermarket chain serving the Golden Triangle Area.

We havea long and ongoing relationship with the Market Basket and continue

to consult with them on future projects.

"L&L played a key role in helping Market Basket prepare for Hurricane Rita in 2005.

Also they were there for us during the aftermath and were able to aid with the re-construction

of damage to our stores. This was all done in a timely fashion which allowed us to open for business,

which not only affected our company, but also affected the community."

- Brad Arceneaux, Director of Maintenance & Construction.

t.Elizabeth Catholic Community

St.Elizabeth has been a Catholic Church serving the Port Neches Community since 1922.

We are proud to have served them for more than a decade and will continue to doso.

"Our church has been serviced by L&L Construction for the past twelve years.

Our multiple experiences with them have been 'top notch'. The work has been well planned with us,

professionally completed, and always ended withsatisfactory clean-up.

We have appreciated their availability for emergencies as well as ordinary maintenance projects.

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